In order to fly, your aircraft must be certified.

In every task we perform, we make sure to have the necessary information to pursue the approval from the relevant aviation authorities, or set up the complete information package in order to carry out the corresponding approval. This is a crucial step to be able to fly the airaircraft within the legal framework.

The type of data that is required to complete the certification depends on the kind of modification that was made and the operational characteristics of the aircraft. Our Workshop located in San Fernando has the structure and expertise needed to lead the process accomplish the requirements from the authorities

The approved data is generally organized as follows:

• Orden de Ingeniería. • Planos de Instalación. • Planos Eléctricos. • Análisis de Carga Eléctrica. • Suplementos de los Manuales de Vuelo y Mantenimiento. • Instrucciones de Aeronavegabilidad Continuada.

The aviation authorities responsible for approving the work performed on the aircrafts are:

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