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Código: DL00131

Fabricante: Dallas Avionics

Dallas Avionics


*Dual Operation, for both Automatic Fixed Mode and Portable Mode.
*Voice Transmission Capability.
*Visual ON Light located on ELT Main Unit to indicate when ELT is transmitting. This is important during Portable Use.
*Mini Remote Control Panel with independent Battery built-in, therefore Interface with Aircraft Electrical Power is not required.
*All Wiring Interconnect Assemblies included.
*Standard D Size Alkaline Batteries for Future Convenience and Cost Saving.
*Dual Antennas.
*Heavy Duty ABS Case (0.155 " Thickness).
*Light Weight: 2.62 Lbs.
*Small Size: (2.95 " H X 4.27 " W X 5.64 " L).

Currently OEM Production Supply (FAA TC approved) to many Airframe Manufacturers including Mooney Aircraft, Aviat Aircraft, American Champion Aircraft, Luscomb Aircraft, Skystar, Diamond Aircraft Of Canada, Aerospaciale Socata Aircraft of Germany etc.

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