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CI 2480-300

Código: DL00016

Fabricante: Dallas Avionics

Dallas Avionics

Mercados: Aire Seguridad

This is the first "three-in-one" antenna of its type. In a single footprint, this antenna provides GPS, VHF, and Orbcomm reception. This saves precious airframe space, and minimizes installation costs. Plus, by bringing three antennas down to one, reduced drag and increased aesthetics are obvious benefits.

Designed in conjunction with Avidyne, this antenna also has a built-in notch filter, eliminating the need for in-line filters or excessive spacing between VHF and GPS antennas.

The CI 2480-300 is designed for 26.5 dB gain GPS systems as seen with Bendix-King, UPS, and Universal Navigation.

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