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CI 2680-104

Código: DL00021

Fabricante: Dallas Avionics

Dallas Avionics

Mercados: Aire Seguridad

The CI 2680-104 extends the lineage that began with the CI 2480 Series ComDat. This model features super tough construction for ttoday's bigger and higher speed aircraft.

The antenna combines two functions into one. With two connectors on the base plate, GPS functions on TNC, and BNC is used for Orbcomm. This popular combination offers the best Orbcomm functionality for weather data in the cockpit.

Installers will save time and money by installing fewer antennas. Pilots will appreciate the reduction in the number of antennas on their aircraft, and reduced drag, resulting in fuel economy and even higher speeds.

Tough, new design features heavy duty nickel plated aluminum base plate with integral Nitrile 'O' ring, making it easier for pressurized aircraft installations.

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