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Código: AC00063

Fabricante: ACR Artex

ACR Artex

Mercados: Aire Seguridad

Programming Dongle

Model Number: 455-4010
The Artex DGL-1 programming dongle allows the operator to easily program aircraft 24-bit (Standard Message Protocol) address into a compatible ELT.

Fleet operators will be able to transfer ELTs between aircraft in a very efficient and convenient manner. The DGL-1 comes attached to a top cover. The top cover and dongle remain with the aircraft. When an ELT is installed, the DGL-1 reprograms the ELT with the aircraft's 24 bit address. DGL-1 is a perfect match for the operator who wants auto-programming capability but does not desire the position data function of the Artex ELT/NAV Interface.

? Designed specifically for fleet operators
? Existing C406-1/2, G406-4 and B406-4 installations are easily upgraded
? Greatly simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime
? Installation becomes part of the permanent AC harness
? Hardwire option for fleet aircraft identification
? Ensures correct ELT programming for spares

Input Power +28 Vdc +/- 10Vdc
Ouput Power 5.6 Vdc +/- 0.3 Vdc (powers ELT for reprogramming only)
Temperature Operating: -20?C to +55?C, Storage: -55?C to +85?C
Weight DGL-1: 6 oz Max (170 g), Protective Top Cover: 6.7 oz (190 g), Total Weight: 11.5 oz (360 g)
Measurements 2.5? (64mm) W x : 6.1? (155mm) L
System Part Numbers Crimp Terminal: 151-6627, Mounting Screw (6-32 x 5/16): 201-6324-01, Protective Top Cover: 452-3052-03, Installation Kit: 455-4010, DGL-1 Dongle: 453-4010, Installation Kit: 455-4010, Wire Harness: 611-4010, Heat Shrink Splice: 610-1744-01
Compatible with the following Artex ELT Models 110-406 NAV, 110-406HM NAV, 110-406ED NAV, B406-2, B406-4, C406-1, C406-1HM, C406-2, C406-2HM, G406-1, G406-2, G406-4

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