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GI-260 AOA

Código: GA00025

Fabricante: Garmin


Mercados: Aire Seguridad

Provides AOA with a single glance during critical flight phases
Intuitive display provides both visual and audible indications of AOA
Normalized AOA provides superior performance in all flight phases
Works with G3X? systems with GSU 25 and GAP 26 ? just add the indicator
Available for installation as a standalone system for GA aircraft
Add the Security of AOA Indication
Your angle of attack (AOA) can be a valuable tool in knowing when a stall might occur. When the angle between your aircraft?s wing and the oncoming airflow becomes too great, there won?t be enough lift to support the plane in flight. The Garmin GI 260 AOA indicator is designed to make this valuable AOA information easy to understand with one glance. Unlike systems that rely on lift reserve indication, the GI 260 uses what's known as normalized AOA, which provides the most accurate readout possible in all phases of flight. It provides both visual and audible alerts as a stall becomes increasingly imminent.

Available for Experimental and Certified Aircraft
The GI 260 receives AOA input from a GSU 25 air data computer connected to a GAP 26 probe. Since these are key components of the G3X? flight display system, pilots of experimental/amateur built aircraft can add the dedicated AOA indicator to their aircraft by connecting as few as 4 wires. For pilots of general aviation aircraft, the GI 260, GAP 26 and GSU 25 can be added as a complete package. A universal inspection plate mount is included to aid in installation.

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