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GWX 68

Código: GA00029

Fabricante: Garmin


Mercados: Aire Seguridad

Avoid bad weather with the GWX 68, a digital color radar that brings easy-to-interpret, weather to our newest multi-function displays (MFDs). Whether you choose the GWX 68 with a 10-inch phased array antenna or the companion GWX 68A with a 12-inch antenna, your new radar will fit easily in most aircraft radomes.

Track Weather
GWX 68 is a compact all-in-one antenna/receiver/transmitter that provides 4-color storm cell tracking to the GMX 200, G600, G900X or G1000. The system?s selectable scan (up to 90 degrees) and outstanding pulse range let you hone in on target areas with even greater precision. Full pitch-and-roll stabilization is available for smooth weather tracking during climbs or turns. And with GWX 68's side-view vertical scanning function, you can profile storm tops, gradients and cell buildup activity at various altitudes.

Make Informed Decisions
With 6,500 watts of magnetron muscle, GWX 68 has more than enough power output to penetrate serious weather. Consequently, you?re equipped to make smarter decisions sooner.

GWX 68: When it comes to weather avoidance, this is the ?see and avoid? system you want.

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