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M880A NVG Digital Clock

Código: DL00100

Fabricante: Dallas Avionics

Dallas Avionics


*3 ati front mount
*Two button control system
*Laser engraved faceplate
*GMT full six digit, hours, minutes, seconds
*Local time
*Elasped time with countdown timer
*Elasped time alarm
*Control switch has remote capability
*Sunlight readable display
*NVG. filter, green a or bg7b
*Manual dimming of the display
*Keep alive battery

*Greenwich Mean Time: 24 hour format, full six digit hours/minutes/seconds
*Local Time: 12 hour or 24 hour option
*Elapsed Time Count Up: Starts in minutes and seconds, then hours and minutes, up to 99:59 hours
*Elapsed Time Countdown: Settable from one second to 59 minutes, 59 seconds
*Elapsed Time Alarm: Activates at zero when counting down
*Incandescent Displays: Readable in sunlight
*Manual dimming of the display
*N.V.G. Compatible: NVIS Green A or BG7B
*Battery Type: AA size alkaline
*Input Current: 500 mA
*Input Voltage: 28 Volts
*Weight: 10 ounces
*Warranty: 1 year

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