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Código: MD0004

Fabricante: Marine Data

Marine Data


The MD36/6 is a solid-state Step (S-Type) to Digital Interface. It converts a DC Step (S Type) transmission of a ship?s heading from legacy equipment to a modern NMEA 0183 compliant DigitalTransmission format. There is an alignment facility on the unit to align the digital output of the MD36/6 to the incoming heading signal. When suitably adjusted the MD36/6 reads the step input heading to within 1/6° and re-transmits an RS422 output following the NMEA (0183) protocol with no errors.
Constructed in a robust die-cast aluminium enclosure and finished in RAL9005 Jet Black fine texture powder coat paint, the MD36/6 is designed to complement existing marine navigation equipment.
Supplied for bulkhead mounting as standard, compact and rugged, the MD36/6 offers a compact Step (S-Type) to NMEA Interface solution for locations where available space is limited.
The MD36/6 Step (S-Type) to NMEA Interface from Marine Data, easy to install and simple to maintain.
? Suitable for converting from any STEP (S-Type) transmission
format to a digital NMEA 0183 (IEC61162-1) transmission format
? Especially useful

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