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Código: MD0022

Fabricante: Marine Data

Marine Data


The MD94DDU is a NMEA 0183 Data Distribution Unit able to take two independent NMEA 0183 inputs and transmit a buffered NMEA 0183 output to up to nine devices. The MD94DDU can be daisy chained with another MD94DDU to increase the number of available outputs if required. In this way, digital heading data (ship?s heading) or any other NMEA 0183 data may be conveniently relayed to any location on a vessel. The MD94DDU offers a NMEA 0183 Distribution solution for most locations. Finished in jet black fine texture powder coat paint to complement other bridge marine navigation equipment. The MD94DDU NMEA Data Distribution Unit from Marine Data: flexible in application, easy to install and simple to maintain.

- Allows the Distribution of individually buffered NMEA 0183 signals to multiple devices
- Allows Common Dimming of all connected instruments

- MD01/PMD - Rotary Remote Dimming Control

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