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RB-126 DC to DC Power Booster

Código: DL00216

Fabricante: Dallas Avionics

Dallas Avionics


*RB series is a pulse width-modulated DC to DC converter that provides regulated +28VDC up to 5.0 AMPS
*Converter transforms an unregulated input from a 12V battery to a regulated +28VDC output in a bootstrap mode
*RB series is primarily intended for use in an aircraft with 12VDC battery system to operate 28VDC equipment (especially during periods when the battery is not charged)

*State of the art design for regulation and positive logic for output over voltage protection
*Output is adjustable to 28 ±2VDC via an internal trim pot
*Designed to meet various applicable portions MIL-STD 704 notice three, MIL-STD-202 and MIL-T-5422F class 1A
*The Model RB series is serviceable, small and lightweight (110 watts per pound and 5.8 watts per cubic inch for the RB-126)

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