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STX165R Mode C Transponder Remote Unit

Código: DL00171

Fabricante: Dallas Avionics

Dallas Avionics


A New Standard In Transponders The STX 165 and STX 165R elevate transponder capability to a new level while reducing both weight and size. The solid state transmitter design provides 200 Watts nominal output with no warm up time. And because it's all solid state, power requirements are at an absolute minimum.

STX 165R will accept either Gillham Gray Code or RS-232 altitude input for Mode C operation. The STX 165R can be mounted with or without the mounting tray either vertically or horizontally. The STX 165R is especially suited for installations where size, weight and power consumption are critical. All functions of the STX 165R can be remotely controlled via the RS-232 port.

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