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AvVisor and AvVisor Plus

Código: TC00010

Fabricante: Teledyne Controls

Teledyne Controls

Mercados: Aire Seguridad

Teledyne Controls' AvVisor and AvVisor Plus information systems provide real-time flight data and worldwide moving maps in flexible and easy to read cabin display solutions. Once a marvel of technology, expensive and over-sophisticated moving maps are long behind us, leaving room for simple, functional and affordable solutions like the AvVisor systems.

The AvVisor systems read flight data from the aircraft bus and display information selected by the viewer, such as:
*Time to destination,
*Distance traveled,
*Altitude, etc.

They provide a wide range of streaming information to your passengers, and reduce workload in the cockpit.
The Teledyne Controls AvVisor systems are easy to use and easy to install. They are certified on many different aircraft types, and all system components are PMA'd.

AvVisor PlusCabin Display Designed to operate independently of flight crew inputs, the AvVisor full-color, full-motion Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from compact 6.4-inch to impressive 10.4-inch units. With AvVisor, you can welcome your passengers aboard and keep them informed while in flight, by displaying customized screen graphics. These graphics can be changed easily, as often as you want, using the remote computer delivered with any AvVisor systems and our built-in configuration software. You can also display information in one or multiple line formats, and in any order. The AvVisor interfaces include ARINC 429, RS-232/RS-422, analog and Ethernet.

AvVisor Plus
AvVisor PlusCabin Display Built on a tradition of superior performance and efficiency, the AvVisor Plus system represents sixth-generation cabin display technology, combining the remarkable flexibility and customization of Teledyne's displays with worldwide moving maps. The AvVisor Plus system provide passengers with accurate, real-time flight data, as well as moving maps showing the aircraft's position. Users can select map zoom levels in order to track the aircraft's progress in real time.
The AvVisor Plus system has the capability to display customized graphics as well as integrate Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and video clips, providing an opportunity for in-flight presentations. AvVisor Plus utilizes a full VGA, bright, flat-panel Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD), allowing for a completely digital information stream.

*Keep passengers informed
*Attractive, easy to read cabin display
*Customizable so passengers see only what they want
*Personalize cabin with corporate logos or "welcome aboard" messages

AvVisor Plus
*Simple installation
*Fewer components mean easier installation, integration and support, and reduced inventory
*Worldwide moving maps offer information for situational awareness
*Informed passengers reduce cockpit workload and enhance safety
*AMLCD digital display for crystal clear, high resolution visibility
*Easily customize the information to be displayed in flight
*DVD video and music CDs help passengers relax during leisure time

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