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Código: TC00011

Fabricante: Teledyne Controls

Teledyne Controls

Mercados: Aire Seguridad

The TeleLink DataLink system is a digital communication link for airborne networks. The TeleLink system provides the capability to exchange messages and graphics between the aircraft and a ground-based DataLink Service Provider or host computer. At minimum, a TeleLink network consists of a TeleLink Router Management Unit (RMU), a Control Display Unit (CDU), and a VHF radio. Depending on the requirement for a specific installation, a TeleLink system may also include additional CDUs, Flight Management Computers (FMCs), Satellite Data Units (SDUs), air-to ground telephone systems or cockpit printers.
Teledyne Controls' TeleLink meets the unique communications needs of the corporate or regional airline pilot by providing a variety of features and versatile connectivity options in a small, low-cost, lightweight package.

The TeleLink datalink system exceeds current datalink requirements providing VHF ACARS, SATCOM and Airborne phone links as well as future CNS/ATM and ADS/B capability. TeleLink has been designed to comply with ADS (Automatic Dependent Surveillance) functions of the communications, Navigation and Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) programs of the Future Air Navigation System (FANS).

Teledyne Controls pioneered ACARS for the commercial airline industry. Now, operators of business or commuter aircraft can realize the benefits of digital datalink and CNS/ATM with TeleLink.

TeleLink TL-608 digital data communications controller applies years of ACARS experience to the most up-to-date hardware technology available. This combination means that a whole new group of aircraft operators can now realize the benefits of ACARS at an affordable price. Benefits include two-way messaging, predeparture clearances, digital ATIS, flight planning and following, textual and graphical weather, and more.

Although derived from ACARS, the TL-608 is designed to capitalize on emerging DataLink technologies. Modular hardware and software design creates a data communication system which is versatile, expandable, and which can be tailored to individual needs. Open architecture gives the operator a choice of service providers and communications media.

Keys Features
*Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC)
PDC is the first clearance provided to a pilot by ATC with all the necessary information for the prescribed departure.
*Digital Automated Terminal Information Services (D-ATIS)
D-ATIS is the automation voice information of broadcast ATIS containing current weather, airport and facility conditions.
Oceanic Clearance Delivery (OCD).
OCD provides the pilot with a text message for the cleared flight path, altitude, and airspeed information necessary for the safe passage through oceanic airspeed.
*Terminal Weather Information for Pilots TWIP.
TWIP reports provide vital information on the current weather situation for the terminal area of the selected airport.
*Out-Off-On-In (OOOI) Reporting. OOOI times are generated automatically by the TeleLink unit and sent directly to the company for processing.

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