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Código: MD00016

Fabricante: Marine Data

Marine Data

Mercados: Agua

The MD71TMC is a Transmitting Magnetic Compass (TMC) System which uses the latest technology to accurately process and convert the ship's magnetic compass heading to NMEA 0183 heading data with unparalleled accuracy to one or more Heading Repeaters (Compass
Repeaters) at any convenient location on a vessel.
Instead of using inflexible and bulky optical apparatus (reflectors, periscopes etc.) to view the magnetic compass, electronic remote displays may be used in the form of a Compass Repeater.
TMC systems from Marine Data are simple and intuitive to use with quick and easy installation and on-board calibration.

- Provides a digital NMEA heading output to drive a Heading Repeater (or other devices) at a convenient location
- An elegant alternative to using an optical reflector in a ship?s magnetic compass installation

- Trunnion Bracket Kit for MD71THD Control Head
- MD54 Compass Sensor Adhesive Mount
- MD58 Compass Sensor Bracket Mount

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