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Código: AC00031

Fabricante: ACR Artex

ACR Artex

Mercados: Aire Agua Tierra Seguridad

Portable Safety Megaphone

Model Number: EM-1A; EM-1D / Part Number 2204 and 2208
The ACR/EM-1A or ACR/EM-1D is a battery-operated, solid state megaphone specifically developed for use in enclosed areas. FAA approved.

The ACR/EM-1A or ACR/EM-1D has been designed to minimize regenerative acoustic feedback that results in whistling and other oscillations of this nature. It has a 90? sound projection angle to direct the sound to persons in its immediate vicinity, as well as in the rear sections of any aircraft. The amplifier frequency band-pass has been selected to produce a crisp, clear reproduction of voice signals. The operating power level is also sufficient to provide adequate sound under high ambient noise level conditions without being overpowering. Specific attention has been given to the physical size so that it can be used effectively in a crowded environment.

Product Number 2204; 2208
Dimensions 5.5? max diameter bell, 11.5? max long Weight 2.3 lbs., including batteries
Materials Horn, handle ? Anodized AluminumHousing ? Aluminum
Gain Control Thumb operated
Amplifier Integrated circuit, 2 watts power output
Speaker Re-entrant horn and driver typeinput power five (5) watts90? dispersion angle
Microphone High Sensitivity
Batteries Six (6) standard 1? volt ?AA? cells
Power Drain 12 milliamps static current550 milliamps maximum current
Frequency Response 500 to 3500 Hz
Anti-Removal Alarm (ACR/EM-1A only) Warbling tone 500 ? 1200 HzPlug pin, retained by nylon cord
Battery Test Circuits Visual Flashing Green LEDAcoustical Beep (ACR/EM-1D only)

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