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WW-3 Res-Q Whistle

Código: AC00030

Fabricante: ACR Artex

ACR Artex

Mercados: Aire Agua Seguridad

USCG-Approved Signal Whistle

Model Number: WW-3 / Part Number 2227 and 2228
Developed for the U.S. Navy to locate overboard persons, this compact survival whistle issues a shrill, 102 decibel dual tone that is audible over great distances. The unique, flat design keeps it from holding water, and the 18-inch (46 cm) lanyard attaches to the life jackets, rafts and foul weather gear.

* Gets attention!
* Loud, shrill, dual tone audible from great distance
* Unique flat design prevents holding water
* Required by SOLAS 83 Meets USCG/SOLAS requirements
* Aids in land or sea rescues
* Use on life jackets, vests, foul weather gear, ring buoys, rafts, keychains, etc.
* Developed for the U.S. Navy; used by NASA, major airlines and shipping companies
* Complete with 18-inch (45.5 cm) lanyard

Product Number 2228 WW-3 Carded; 2227 WW-3 Bulk
Size 1 x 2 x .25? (2.5 x 5 x 6 cm)
Weight 1.4 oz (40 g)

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